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Christopher Wakely, ND

My story is like the stories of my patients when they first come to see me.


Raised by my mother and grandmother in Maine, I learned the importance of hard work and respect at a young age.  Although I was raised with a lot of love, my childhood was more like adulthood.  My mother suffered from a chronic disease and sadly, I lost her to cancer when I was a fifteen.  In college, I naturally gravitated toward the field of psychology and I was grateful to be mentored by Dr. Colin Martindale. After college and over the following years I oscillated between the business world and the field of social work.  


And then I began suffering from health problems.  


Working 80+ hours per week I became obese.  I was under tremendous stress, didn’t exercise and ate restaurant food for three square meals per day.  I began having joint problems, GI complaints, major sinus issues, sleep disturbances and brain fog, just to name a few.  


All of this began to change after the birth of my first daughter 13 years ago.  She showed me (in the way only a new baby can) that my health mattered and that I could be the change I wanted to see in this world.  I became very interested in natural health and was able to get rid of all my symptoms naturally, including 90lbs of excess weight!  


Everything in my past seemed to lead up to this moment: the decision I needed to make was clear but it wasn’t easy.   


 I decided that naturopathic medicine was the future of health based on my personal experience.  My wife, kids, and I packed everything up and moved over 3,000 miles away so I could pursue my dream of becoming a naturopathic physician.  In medical school at Bastyr University, I had the good fortune to learn from some of the most eminent natural and conventional physicians in the world.  I trained under Dr. Leanna Standish, prominent cancer researcher, for 3 years.  I also took advanced classes in homeopathy, hydrotherapy, biotherapeutic drainage, herbs, manipulation, and sports medicine.  I developed and taught classes in nutrition and anatomy for school age children, a population I love working with.


Today, our bodies are bombarded with hundreds of toxins that didn’t exist years ago.


My particular interest is in advanced detoxification because I believe that you cannot have a high degree of health unless the body is free from toxins.  In addition to that, I also have advanced training in ADD/ADHD, adolescent medicine, pain and chronic autoimmune diseases.  


When I’m not seeing patients, I write, speak and make media of all kinds.  I love music, baseball, films and a good book.  I’m blessed to have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters whom I reside with on the eastside of Seattle.  


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