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Dr. Katherine Dahlgren, ND


Dr. Katie Dahlgren is a board certified naturopathic physician. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology/pre-med with a minor in psychology at Gonzaga University in 2003. She then  completed the vigorous 4 year doctorate program in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, graduating in 2007. Dr. Dahlgren trained extensively with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD where she completed a 3 year residency prior to working alongside him as an associate and senior clinician in his medical practice for an additional 4 years.


Her practice specializes in the treatment of chronic infections and neurological disorders. Many of her patients seek out her specialized skills using alternative approaches to diagnosing and treating complex chronic illnesses. She looks beyond the labels often associated with long term illness to identify the physiological, structural and neurological factors that allowed illness to manifest. She works cooperatively with her patients and colleagues to create custom treatment plans that largely focus on integrative treatment modalities including neural therapy techniques, intravenous therapies, botanical medicine and functional nutrition.


Dr. Dahlgren has had several opportunities to be a guest lecturer and instructor for the Klinghardt Academy.  She loves sharing information with patients and colleagues regarding preconception health care, botanical treatments for Lyme disease, neural therapy techniques, Autonomic Response Testing, environmental toxicity and the physiological impact of electromagnetic field stresses. 


As a mother of three young boys, she is particularly passionate about caring for children and families. She treats people of all ages with health goals varying from optimizing nutrition in high functioning individuals to restoring vitality and functionality to severely compromised patients.  She designs protocols that are tailored to the patient’s health goals and lifestyle by fostering a therapeutic relationship of mutual respect where patients can feel heard and valued.   

She is committed to lifelong learning and makes it a priority to frequently attend conferences and lectures that benefit her patients through exposure to experts in the rapidly growing and evolving field of integrative medicine.