Michele Grindstaff, ND


Dr. Michele Grindstaff is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor who has spent over a decade helping people recover from chronic illness. She combines the best aspects of conventional, biologic, naturopathic, and functional medicine, to practice a truly integrative model of medicine that allows her to personalize treatments for each individual.

Dr. Grindstaff grew up in the Midwest and headed to Colorado to complete her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Science and Pre-Med at Colorado State University. She then continued westward to Seattle where she attended Bastyr University and received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Upon graduation from Bastyr, she was one of the select few chosen for an accredited residency position at Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Upon completion of her residency, Dr. Grindstaff was offered the opportunity to train and then become a staff physician with Dr. Klinghardt, MD, PhD. This is where she began her learning in the management of complex chronic illnesses. She has continued her training to include extensive education in mold illness, environmental medicine and detoxification, chronic infections, chronic digestive disorders, immune dysregulation, autoimmune disorders, allergies and mast cell disorders, endocrine disorders, and hormone balancing. In addition to other diagnostic techniques, she utilizes Autonomic Response Testing, as developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, as a tool to help find what the body is prioritizing at any given time on its path to healing.

Dr. Grindstaff utilizes a wide breadth of tools and treatments to help patients on their path toward optimal health. This includes diet and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional therapy, botanical medicine, homeopathy, Neural therapy, IV therapy, detoxification therapies, hormone balancing, and bioidentical hormone replacement.

In order to continue to provide the best care possible, Dr. Grindstaff prioritizes continuing education and is constantly seeking out the latest in the ever-changing field of medicine. This includes training and certifications with institutions such as:

Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

Advanced Applications in Medical Practice

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Association for the Advancement of Restorative medicine

Forum for Integrative Medicine

Dr. Grindstaff’s goal is to help each individual support their body’s innate desire and ability to move in the direction of wellness. She focuses on finding and addressing the underlying cause of illness whenever possible while recognizing that chronic disease often has multiple factors that need to be addressed simultaneously. This often requires an integrative approach utilizing the best of what conventional and alternative medicine has to offer.