Naso-Sympatico Therapy

Naso-Sympatico Therapy is amazing when you are suffering from chronic sinus infections and/or sinus issues related to allergies. The protocol at Holistic Healing Arts includes a series of treatments to relieve sinus pressure through direct application of essential oils, acupuncture and cranial manipulation to promote free flow and lymph drainage massage to remove buildup.


The sinuses are a collection of skull cavities. Healthy sinuses are lined with pink tissue and a small layer of mucous. Most of our sinuses drain into our nose through small holes. Sinusitis (or inflammation of the sinuses) can be uncomfortable and difficult to treat. The pockets become filled with thick mucous, bacteria or fungus. The tissue swells and the drainage openings into the nose become inflamed and blocked no longer allowing fluid to escape. This then leads to the common symptoms of sinusitis: headaches, facial pressure and even toothaches form surrounding nerve impingement.


The naso-sympatico formula is comprised of the essential oils of thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. Essentials oils are readily air born and thus can travel into the small holes to loosen mucous and promote drainage. These oils work as local decongestants that break up mucus, stimulate drainage of the nose and sinuses and relieve head pressure.  The naso-sympatico technique helps promote nervous system control of mucus production. The essential oils are also antimicrobial, to help resolve infectious organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungus in the sinuses and nasal cavity.

The basic protocol is to perform a series of sinus pressure techniques with lymph drainage and cranial manipulation. Next, there is insertion of up to 6 nasal applicators that have been dipped into diluted essential oils into the nasal meatus. (this sounds terrible, but it tickles and makes you want to sneeze more than anything…).  Once the nasal applicators are in place, they will stay there for up to 20 minutes. The patient relaxes on the massage table and focuses on breathing through the nose. Depending on your preference and health concern, we can combine this with the NeuroLumen laser pads to stimulate further drainage, inflammation control and circulation support.   This typically stimulates the sinuses to drain immediately before you leave.  Six to eight treatments, on a weekly basis, are generally recommended for more chronic issues, but for acute cases one treatment is often enough.

If you suffer from sinus infections or allergic sinusitis schedule your appointment today for Naso-sympatico treatment and have Lymph Drainage Massage shortly before or after with Aubrey Lesicki. This will maximize relief through removal of mucous.