We had been to more than a dozen other well-known physicians, specialists, and practitioners all over the USA with sterling reputations with very little meaningful progress.  We had hundreds of pages of test results, suitcases full of supplements and medications, tried every type of therapy, both traditional and non traditional. 


We both quit our jobs to become our son’s full-time caregivers but to very little avail. he was getting worse. 


Our son was visibly very sick,  even to a stranger on the street; he was losing weight,  was sickly pale, and stopped growing. He could not tolerate any foods other than meat. And for a number of physical reasons, including frequent urination and chronic severe constipation, we couldn’t even think about potty training. 


He screamed inexplicably for hours on end every day. He hit himself in the head hundreds of times a day. 


Everything upset him and he could not be calmed or comforted.  He would push other kids and wanted nothing to do with anyone. He wouldn’t respond to direct questions. He would not make any eye contact at all, and wouldn’t play with toys. The only break from his endless screaming was if he was glued to a screen. 


It got to a point where if I yawned or sneezed or walked upstairs, or left a door open, or literally did anything he didn’t like at that moment, he would scream for hours and hit himself in the head. 


We hadn’t heard him laugh or seen him smile in years.


The only speaking he did was scripting from baby YouTube videos which he watched over and over again.


Living with him was like living with someone who was possessed: we knew “this” wasn’t him, but we were losing him to the perfect storm of illness that was possessing him. 


Despite doing everything humanly possible for him, we felt him slipping further away from us with each day, and nothing helped. 


I wept every day in despair, but my husband never gave up hope and buoyed me up, lending me his endless strength to press onward


We never stopped reading. I talked to other “autism moms” into the wee hours every single night, picking their brains about what worked for them, which providers they went to, what their kids were diagnosed with, and what to try next. 


We just never stopped trying to untangle the “rats nest” of medical problems that  showed up in our son’s tests. 


In our hearts, we knew our son’s issues, though flabbergastingly complex and (apparently) confounding to every other “expert” we saw, had to have solutions and we were determined to either find someone who could help us or would literally die trying. 


Our son would make improvements and then plateau, and the improvements he did make were because of ideas we had to push previous doctors on. We advocated for ourselves. 


Our ideas and research were dismissed repeatedly by the doctors we went to for help. and then we would ask for a test that would come back positive and the doctor would not know how to handle it because they had previously told us either it “wasn’t a real thing” or even if it was, they were sure it was not a real thing in our son’s case.  Then, we would go to the next doctor. 


Lather, rinse, repeat. 


This happened with mold, heavy metals, parasites, Lyme, and CVB, just to name a few.  We never stopped researching, reading, searching, learning, talking to other parents, etc because we never felt that anyone was actually looking at our son as a full person with many interconnected problems that all needed untangling.  We felt that we were the ones doing all the thinking, even to the point of telling our previous doctors what specific tests to run.  It was exhausting having to be the ones doing all the thinking; plus, as lawyers, not medical professionals, we were way out of our element.  But, it seemed clear to us that we had no other choice because our son is medically complex, and every previous doctor only seemed to focus on a small handful of things they tested for, prescriptions they would write to treat a few things, and one-size-fits-all “protocols” to treat all their “autism” patients in the exact same ways. So, when we found out about HHA we were, cautiously optimistic “it would be different this time.”  At our very first visit, we met with Dr. Dahlgren and one of the first things she told us was that she did not do protocols for anything, that she treated each individual’s issues specifically tailored to their individual needs and in the specific manner and order that their bodies needed.  She never dismissed any of our concerns or any of our theories, or ideas, listened intently to our observations and theories, meticulously reviewed every last test result, and displayed a high-level of understanding of the entire body and every system and how they work together, not just one “specialty.”  She fundamentally understood all of our son’s complex issues and how they all created the worsening and multi-system dysfunction we were seeing.  She began unraveling “the rat’s nest” of medical problems immediately and her confidence and capabilities were clear to us from day one and we saw more dramatic improvements in our son after our first visit than we did after years of chasing our tails elsewhere.  Dr Dahlgren is a gifted critical thinker with strong instincts and I am in awe of the vastness of her knowledge.  I love that she has tools and knowledge from (what seems like) every healing modality, East to West.  Our individually-tailored, ever-evolving protocols are a mash-up of modern, Western medicine, herbs, supplements, custom tinctures, and everything in between.  We have also recently begun working with Dr Wakely, per Dr Dahlgren’s recommendation, on LDI/LDA.  We have enjoyed working with him, as well.  He also listens intently and is caring and intelligent.  As I said, we are blessed to be in a position where our son is our only priority at the moment, and we wanted to give him the best possible opportunity to heal, so we moved across the country to enable us to come to HHA more than just a few times a year.  Our son has completely transformed in the seven months since we started at HHA.  For the first time in years, we feel happy and living with our son day to day is actually manageable and he is getting dramatically better every day.  Each day brings so many wonderful changes and we feel that we are steadily getting him back.  I’m very superstitious so it’s difficult for me to say (or even think) anything that could possibly jinx anything, but I will say that I believe wholeheartedly in HHA to the point where I am now also a patient there and so is my husband, and we have recommended them to all of our families/friends we know with long-standing and/or complex medical issues that other methods have failed to adequately address.  Also, the staff at HHA are professional, very efficient and warm.  We have never had a problem getting prescriptions out, refills, supplements shipped, emails returned, appointments scheduled, phone calls returned, etc.  Every time we visit HHA, it’s like the proverbial place “where everybody knows your name.”  I have nothing to gain from my recommendation, I get no kickbacks/discounts/referral fees/etc.  The sole reason for my recommending HHA is that I have been in the darkest, scariest place a mother can go and I wouldn’t wish that on any other parent, and I want to shout from the rooftops that there is real help for kids like my son.  I joked to my husband (and I have no filter so I also told Dr Dahlgren) that Dr Dahlgren and HHA are my family’s real-life catcher in the rye: they caught us before we fell of the metaphorical cliff. 


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