All appointments typically include assessment with Autonomic Response Testing (a specialized form of kinesiology) and clinical review of symptoms, labs, and physical examination.  Our focus is on traditional naturopathic principles, with incorporation of the teaching of Dietrich Klinghardt, MD.  We can solely manage your care, or are happy to work in conjunction with any other practitioners with whom you are under care.  It is common for us to receive referrals from other physicians when you may plateau, or aren't tolerating treatments as expected, for our help using the ART method and our experience to get you moving forward again.

Autonomic Response Testing

ART is a biofeedback-enhanced physical exam which uses changes in muscle tone as the primary indicator. It produces the most reliable & consistent responses over other forms of muscle testing, going deeper into the matrix and intracellular levels.  It was developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, and is a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped to transform many practices in the US and abroad into healing centers.  

Our practitioners use this technique to investigate and monitor sources of imbalance in the body, including the presence of microbes, heavy metals, inflammation, geopathic stress, etc., and to guide treatment.  We combine this with conventional laboratory findings and physical examination for all of our patients.

Classical Homeopathy

This technique uses ultra-diluted preparations of natural substances to elicit a physical, emotional, and mental response.  In it, a natural substance is diluted to the point where there is no physical remnant of it left, and is then introduced into the body to stimulate increased and efficient body function. The concept is similar to the practice of immunization, wherein, infectious agents are attenuated (made safe, taking away all toxins), then introduced to the body via injection. 

The practice of homeopathy dates back to the 1800s in Europe, and is now used globally as a gentle, safe, and effective adjunctive therapy to traditional medical treatments.


Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy (NT) is a treatment of dysfunction(s) within the autonomic nervous system (ANS). NT was developed in Germany in the early part of this century by two physicians, Walter and Ferdinand Huneke. Historically it involves the injection of scars, glands, trigger points, acupuncture points, vascular structures, ligaments and autonomic ganglia with procaine.

Psychological factors are always treated first and will usually unlock the system (so that relevant information is displayed easier during the testing procedure). Then the relevant NT interventions are performed, using the proper agents in the syringe, which have been tested before.

IV Therapy

All of our physicians have obtained their IV Therapy Authorization from the Washington Department of Health, and our clinic is equipped to provide many basic IV therapies, including Myers' Cocktails, Vitamin C IVs, amino acid drips, and various chelation procedures.  We also provide vitamin and nutrient injections, along with homeopathic injectables which can be added to our IV procedures.


Other Services
  • Applied Psycho-Kinesiology

  • MFT Tapping

  • Visual Contract Acuity Testing (for mold and mycotoxins)

  • Pre-conception and fertility support

  • Color Therapy

  • IV Nutrients

  • Food Pharmacy Diet Therapy

  • Electro-smog evaluation and management