We believe strongly in a team approach to medicine, especially when dealing with illnesses with multi-factorial issues.  When you sign up with one practitioner, you are really signing up with our team of practitioners ready to brainstorm about your care.  Our goal is to work with you to find a path to wellness that fits you best.  


We truly emphasize proper detoxification techniques, methylation support, and healthy lifestyle habits as some of our main treatment principles, especially in the most complex of cases.  All of our practitioners regularly attend seminars and stay current on up-and-coming treatment modalities in an effort to better serve our clientele.  


Although we manage a multitude of different disease states, we are primarily focused on the individual, and do not typically practice "protocol medicine."  

Our practitioners are particularly well-equipped to address challenging cases of chronic illness, especially Lyme disease and Autism, as well as allergies/sensitivities, pain management, and nutritional support.  


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