Intravenous Therapies

Why IV Therapy?


All of our physicians have obtained their IV Therapy Authorization from the Washington Department of Health, and our clinic is equipped to provide many basic IV therapies, including Meyers' Cocktails, Vitamin C IVs, amino acid drips, and various chelation procedures.  We also provide vitamin and nutrient injections, along with homeopathic injectables which can be added to our IV procedures.


We also accept outside referrals! If you want to receive IV therapy without first establishing care with one of our providers, please ask your doctor to fax a prescription for your IV therapy and we will be happy to get you scheduled. IV’s are a fantastic way to help you feel better before you even leave the office.  

Please call 425-582-7678 to inquire if IV therapy is appropriate for you. 


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How IV Therapy is Performed






The Benefits of IV Therapy






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The Importance of IV Therapy for Good Health

General Pricing Information

Prices vary dependent

on cost of IV medications

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