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April 2020

In his second video, Dr. Wakely explains viruses as well as the top five things you can do for anti-viral support!

New Video Content: Top Five with Dr. Wakely


The first video in Dr. Wakley's short video series,

"Top Five with Dr Wakely," goes over the top five things we think you should know about Vitamin D. 

Did you see that mustache!? 

Lectures and Interviews by HHA Providers:

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Dr. Amy Derksen's Autism One Power Point May 2018: 

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January 2020

Acute Care Phone Line: New Number, New Hours

Established patients can now reach one of our providers when our office is closed.  Our after hours line is available for patients experiencing acute symptoms who are unable to wait for their scheduled appointment. 


    5 pm - 8 pm    Monday - Friday

  10 am - 7 pm    Weekends & Holidays


Before calling, please send an update of the patient's current symptoms to Medical Questions via the patient portal, then call our office and select the appropriate extension. Please leave a voicemail stating the patient's full name, date of birth as well as their current symptoms and one of our providers will try to return your call within 2 hours. After-hour rates will apply. 




Concerns about the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)?

Symptoms of Coronavirus:


The CDC states that the symptoms most associated with COVID-19 are a fever and sore throat for 3-4 days followed by a cough and shortness of breath.  This can progress to severe respiratory distress for vulnerable populations.  At this time, it appears to be most impactful for older people and those with underlying health issues, including immune deficiency.  Incubation time can be 2-3 weeks before symptoms appear following exposure.


Treatment and prevention:


With the recent coronavirus threat, we have had lots of questions on the best way to protect yourself and your family.  Fortunately, in addition to well known sanitary practices such as regular hand washing, avoiding touching your face and staying away from crowds, alternative medicine has a lot to offer in regards to anti-viral support and immune boosting benefits.  After consulting with many of our respected colleagues, we have put together a list of suggested products that can be used.  Please note that none of the following suggestions are proven to prevent or treat the coronavirus, nor are they recognized by the FDA to help strengthen the immune system. Although, we have found them to be helpful to our staff and some of our patients, they are not a replacement for seeking medical care from a licensed healthcare provider. The following information is for educational purposes only.  We are also not suggesting you take all of these items, but wanted you to know some things to consider having in your home arsenal.  We have consultations available for anyone who would like to discuss this further and most products can be ordered through the patient portal (preferred) or by calling our office at (425)582-7678 ext. 4, and speaking with Jason in our dispensary. To limit your wait time, place your order ahead of time for pick-up, or we will ship your items Priority (preferred).


** Please note that these suggestions are NOT for pregnant women and children under 2 years old.


Supplements to consider:

Elderberry- (Sambucus nigra)- The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They can help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.  Sambucol is a name brand product available as a liquid at most drugstores and dose is based on weight.  There are also many options of gummies and tinctures. We carry one from Wise Woman Herbals. Below, we have also included a recipe to make your own syrup. 


Vitamin A and D- This has been our go-to protocol for anti-viral protection during cold and flu season.  High dose vitamin D was found a few years ago in a Brazilian study to be more effective than the flu vaccine for prevention.  Please note that vitamin A should not be used in pregnant women (toxic to the fetus over 5000-10,000IU) and in children under 2 years old.  Otherwise the suggested doses:

  • Vitamin A (Klaire Mycelized vitamin A liquid or Biotics Bio Ae-mulsion drops)- 100,000IU once daily for 7 days, then stop.  This can be repeated every 6-12 weeks as needed.

  • Vitamin D (MHP vitamin D drops or Biotech offers a 50K vit D pill to make this easy)- 50,000IU once daily for 7 days, then stop.


Selenium- This is a simple mineral that was researched to be extremely useful during the H5N1 bird flu outbreak and really helped both in prevention and in treatment of acute symptoms.  Prevention dose is 200-400mcg daily and if you actually get ill, you can increase to 200mcg 4 times daily for a week.  This can become toxic if taken long-term.  Good options for this are Thorne Selenium citrate capsules, Jarrow Selenium Synergy or Genestra Selenium CWS drops.


Colloidal Silver- This was also found to be extremely effective during research with the H5N1 outbreak and has been a consistent anti-viral and immune protectant used in our practice for years.  Preventive dose is 2 sprays by mouth twice daily and acute dosing goes up to 4 times a day.  ACS silver spray, Argentyn and BioPure Microsilver liquid are great options for this.  Nasal spray options of these are also available.


Mycopolo and the URI’s is an herbal formulation Dr. Christopher Wakely put together a few years ago that we love for any unusual viral illness, especially when the upper airways and lungs are involved.  This contains usnea and a variety of other herbs.  There are also many other herbal suggestions that we can customize for your particular health needs.  One of the most respected herbalists, Stephen Buhner, has suggested some custom formulas specifically for coronavirus protection.  We have all ingredients available to customize the proper formula for you, but this would require a consultation with your provider.


Researched Nutritionals CryptoPlus and Myc-P are great tincture formulations with tons of immune enhancing and anti-viral properties.  Dose would be 1 dropperful twice daily as prevention and may go higher with acute symptoms.  Please consult with your physician about this.


Zinc- 60-300 mg daily with food.  Watch that this can cause some nausea, so taking it later in the day with a high protein meal can be better tolerated.  Metagenics zinc drink as a swish and swallow or Seeking Health Zinc Lozenges are a great way for some lower doses of zinc (like 30mg) to have direct contact in the oral mucosa, which is great at the first sign of symptoms.


DoTerra On Guard or Young Living Thieves blend- Either of these are excellent for viral protection.  On guard is available as capsules to take 1 capsule twice daily during cold/flu season.  Otherwise they are available in oil blends that can be diffused near your sleeping area or taken internally up to 2 drops twice daily.


BioBotanical Research Biocidin- This is the product that always travels with me.  The drops are in a glycerin base, so the taste is acceptable for children.  The spray is in alcohol and is a bit more potent in taste (but weaker in strength), but is handy when on the go.  Dose for travel protection is 1 dropperful before and after plane rides or 2 sprays before, during and after the flight.  Otherwise preventive dosing ranges from 5 drops or 2 sprays twice daily to much higher.  Consult with your physician on this please.


Monolaurin or Lauricidin- This is derived from coconut and has amazing immune boosting benefits.  This is something we often use for chronic conditions related to EBV or CMV, but it is also a first go-to during cold and flu season.  Preventive dosing would be 1 capsule twice daily of monolaurin 300mg capsules.  Acute dosing can go as high as 1 scoopful 3 times daily of lauricidin pellets.  Please consult with your physician before doing the higher doses.


Host Defense MyCommunity (medicinal mushroom blend)- Preventive dose is 1 capsule twice daily and acute dosing may go much higher.  This is great immune-boosting prevention during any cold/flu season or travel.


Briotech for sanitizing surfaces and skin:

Taken from Briotech's Website: "Preliminary testing in 2016 at the University of Washington School of Public Health showed Briotech HOCl had an effective surface kill of 99.999% of coronavirus OC43 (a close relative to the novel coronavirus) in ten minutes or less."  For more information please go to:

  • You can use the spray to help aid in disinfecting surfaces s well as spray on hands every time you wash them.

  • Periodic facial spritz may help reduce transmission of viruses and bacteria from surfaces to your face and lungs

  • Use it to wipe down the area on the airplane when traveling

  • This is one of the things we are using in the office to help sanitize all surfaces.


Elderberry Syrup – Instant Pot Recipe

* Preventive dose is 1 TBS twice daily for adults, or 1 tsp twice daily for children



1.5 Cup Elderberries (available on

4 Cups water

1 Tsp Cloves, Ginger, Cinnamon (all to preference)

1-2 small orange peel



7 minutes Instant Pot on High Pressure, Manual/High pressure release

Saute for 15 minutes

Cool to Handle

Strain/squeeze with a cheese cloth

Add 1 ½ cups raw local honey (can reduce for lower sugar), stir then jar.


Note: After squeezing the berries you can put them in a snack bag then freeze, then use with a diffuser to make tea.



How can I prepare my household for the potential impact of a pandemic?

(Information from our own Dr. Katie Dahlgren's recent blog post on the Corona Virus. Click here to visit her article or go to

  • Be sure to find balanced, reputable sources for accurate information.  Read information distributed online with a critical eye for accuracy and relevance.  

  • Stay home if you have acute cold or flu symptoms.  

  • Incorporate healthy habits to promote optimal immunity – this includes time in nature, eating a healthy diet, maintaining good hydration, sleep hygiene, spiritual connection and stress management.  

  • Ensure that your nutrient status is well supported by eating a variety of healthy foods and supplementing with professional-grade nutrients when needed.

  • Implement an herbal and functional medicine protocol to support viral and respiratory immunity.

  • Keep a 4-week supply of food and dry goods in your home – be sure you have enough for everyone in the family, including pets.  Supplies at many stores in Western Washington are already low as the community is purchasing higher quantities of household supplies than normal.  

  • Keep a 30 -day supply of essential medications at home in case of an interruption in supply.

  • Identify child-care plans in case schools are cancelled for extended periods.

  • Discuss options for working remotely with your employer in case the illness becomes more widespread.

  • Use essential oil diffusers and natural anti-microbial agents to clean surfaces in the home and car frequently.  

  • Use air filters in the home – most will help to reduce pathogens and particulates, some (like Molekule or Vollara) also destroy microbes.  







Please stay safe and know that our physicians are available to you for consultation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office or schedule a time to talk to your provider.









2020 Holiday Hours and Department Closures:

December 23rd - December 25th (Christmas Day)

December 31st - January 1st (New Years Day)

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Andreanna Rainville, RN, LMP

Andreanna is dedicated to offering you comprehensive family centered health care at her new location 6653 NE Arrowhead drive, Kenmore 98028, just a few miles away from Holistic Healing Arts.  People who utilize her DNA distance testing options should send their samples for testing to this new address.


Phone:   425-931-1721.


Nesreen Medina, ND, LAc

Dr. Nesreen is opening the WellPoint Center for Natural Health and expanding to allow for full time availability.  She will continue to provide Naturopathic care, Acupuncture and Craniosacral Therapy alongside a Licensed Mental Health Therapist. She is excited to continue offering exceptional and personalized care.

She can be reached directly by the following methods:

                   Phone: 206.251.2491 (as of  July 18, 2016)




Johanna Hedge, Medical Qigong

Johanna has found a new space that is quiet and more appropriate for her amazing services.  The new space will also allow for a wider range of appointment availability.  To schedule with Johanna starting in August, please use the following contact:

                   Phone:  206-783-9916


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