Ne​w Patient Information

We believe strongly in a team approach to medicine, especially when dealing with illnesses with multi-factorial issues.  When you establish care with our clinic, you are signing up with our team of practitioners ready to brainstorm about your care.  Our goal is to work with you to find a path to wellness that fits you best.  

We truly emphasize proper detoxification techniques, methylation support, and healthy lifestyle habits as some of our main treatment principles, especially in the most complex of cases.  All of our practitioners regularly attend seminars and stay current on up-and-coming treatment modalities in an effort to better serve our clientele.  

Communicating with our Office
Email Policy
  • Our office does not use traditional email for communicating with our patients, however, prior to becoming established, please feel free to send in your Intake Form from the following page and then send any related questions to"> Email sent to this address is checked 1-2 times weekly. Please allow 7 business days for a response to all New Patient inquiries and requests.

  • Established patients: click here to access your patient portal. All written communication can be securely conducted through your "CHARM" portal. Messaging the appropriate party is the most efficient way to contact our clinic, and the quickest way to receive a reply. 

Phone Policy


Please listen to the prompts to reach the correct department:

Ext. 1 Announcements and General Information- This recording will update you on scheduled office closures as well as let you know when we are closed due to unexpected circumstances such as a weather-related or technical-related outage. It is also the extension to call for our address, business hours, and other general information.

Ext. 2 New Patients - If you have additional questions regarding our clinic or New Patient Process, please leave a detailed voicemail on this line and we will return your call within 48 business hours. 


Ext. 3  Scheduling and Billing- for established patients' scheduling and billing requests as well as non-patient related inquiries

Ext. 4  Dispensary- Supplement Orders and all shipments and general supplement questions.​​

Ext. 5 Pharmacies, Laboratories, and Doctor's Offices- This line is not for patient use. Please have your pharmacy, laboratory, or outside provider reach us at this number.

Ext. 6  Medical Questions- This line is just for patients!  For protocol clarification, lab inquiries and how-to questions on test kits currently in your possession, as well as prescription clarification and questions

  • For more complicated questions or acute issues, patients will be asked to schedule a phone call or in-office appointment with their provider. 

  • Phone appointments with the physician are scheduled for 30-60 minutes and are billed at their hourly rate. 

Scheduling and Pricing Information

All four of our providers meet once a week to round on (review) New Patient intake forms. They use a team approach, taking a brief look at what is going on for each incoming patient and put their minds together to come up with things to look at, possible directions to go and preliminary questions to ask before matching each new patient up with the provider on the team that will best fit their specific needs.


Once your form has been reviewed, our Scheduling Department will send you a link to our patient portal. This will give you access to your start-up paperwork as well as the ability to upload your labs.


As soon as you have registered in the patient portal, completed your paperwork and submitted any lab results you have from 1-2 years, you will be ready to schedule your first appointment. 

Many of our patients travel from out of state or country to visit us.

For all Out-of-area patients, intake is a 2-step process. Out of state patients will schedule and complete a 60-minute intake appointment with their provider by phone prior to being scheduled in the office. This will allow us to get to know you, review your labs and see if there is anything else that would be helpful to look at, if so, we may have you complete new labs prior to scheduling in the office. This appointment will also give your provider an idea of how they would like you to schedule your office visits. Because we do not practice “protocol medicine”, the amount of time and number of therapies a provider will want to schedule, varies greatly from patient to patient. 

Many Local patients will skip the phone intake appointment and schedule a 2 hour New Patient appointment in-office. 

All New Patients' initial in-office visit is scheduled for 120 min.

Traveling patients will schedule according to their provider's recommendation at the time of their phone intake appointment which may or may not include additional detox or IV services. A typically multi-day visit may consist of a 2-hour Opening Appointment, followed by a 30 minute "Quick Check" mid-week, and end with a 90-minute Closing Appointment., but again varies from patient to patient. 

Please note, that we are required to see a patient in the office prior to starting any treatments and a minimum of once in any 12 month period to continue care. It is highly recommended that out-of-area New Patients are able to make the trip to our office at least twice per year to start. All appointments in between office visits will be scheduled as phone consults.

Follow-up appointments for local patients are typically scheduled for 60 minutes. After your initial in-office visit, all patients have the option of scheduling phone consults when a full in-office appointment is not needed. ​​​

Provider Rates

All of our Providers are at an hourly rate of $350 per hr with the exception of Dr. Amy Derksen, who is no longer accepting new patients.  


Phone appointments and office visits are billed at the same hourly rate in 15-minute increments, which round up. The cost of seeing your provider may not include therapies performed during or outside of your appointment, labs, supplements, or medications. Provider work time is also charged this hourly rate and includes tasks such as lab reviews, charting, letter writing, etc. 

It is important to know, that we do not submit to insurance of any kind but will provide you with a Super-bill that includes insurance and diagnostic coding. You are welcome to try and seek reimbursement from your carrier on your own. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with your plan, its coverage, and its limitations. If your insurance company requires a "modifier" to be added to your Super-bills for coverage, you will have to let your provider know during every appointment, so they can add it to your bill, when appropriate. We are unable to make any adjustments to super-bills outside of the appointment in which a bill is written. 

  • If you are interested in establishing care with our clinic please fill out our New Patient Intake Form on the following page and our schedulers will contact you as soon as your form has been reviewed by our physicians. Please note, that we currently have a waitlist for New Patients. Our estimated wait time for Provider Review and to receive your Patient Portal Invitation is approximately 2 weeks. Please submit your form to be added to our list.